Dog Services


Dog in bath tub

Door #1

  • Coat brushed out
  • Bathing with organic, natural products
  • Hand drying, no cage
  • Nails clipped
  • Paws cleaned and trimmed
  • Ears wiped clean
  • Small mats removed
  • Sanitary and belly trim

Door #2

Services listed in #1 plus:

  • Hair trim and shaped as desired
  • Paw treatment
  • Breath freshener

Door #3

Services listed in #1 and #2 plus:

  • Shave down or puppy cut*

Shaving a heavily coated dog during the summer months is NOT RECOMMENDED. In both hot and cold weather, a dog’s coat regulates body heat, provides insulation and protects the body from the sun.


I understand that although most dogs are very well behaved, not all are perfect.  In the event your dog demonstrates aggressive behavior, I will have to stop grooming the dog and return it to you. There will be a charge at least $25.00 or charge for the work that was done.


Our grooming fees are based upon time spent on your dog. Since all dogs are different, grooming rates vary and depend upon your pet’s temperament, condition of your dog’s coat, and the services your dog needs.

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